Who am I

love is the key that opens the gates… 

I am blessed to have many talents…perhaps that is what makes a teacher…multi-talented. For I do love to teach, to share, to create a safe forum where people can come together to collaborate and expand…even if that expansion includes contraction.

I love to write…personal essays…children’s stories…poetry. For me, the challenge is to paint with words what I am seeing, feeling, experiencing in my everyday walk of Life.

I am a survivor. Twice I have had near death experiences. The last one changed me in ways deep as well as physical. For example, I had tonsils prior to the experience and afterwards they were gone….without physical surgery. The experience changed my inner landscape and I dived deeper into my metaphysical explorations.

Now I have skills as well as a life that promote harmony, forgiveness of myself and others, joy and community.

I love Nature and being out in Nature. Despite the fact that I truly hurt in the cold, I have been learning to be out in it and enjoy it…for it is afterall one of the vital Seasons of the Earth.

I appreciate you for reading about me. Perhaps we will be friends if we aren’t already.

That would be delightful.

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