With So Much Gratitude

Without going any further, I wish to recognize and thank the Divine as well as the all the Angels and Saints that the Loving Supportive Source of All Creation has sent me so that I can share with you here on this amazing digital environment.

This also includes the following EarthAngels that I am so Grateful for each time I work here on my website:

Lynda Metcalfe working at the forge
Lynda Metcalfe working at the forge

Thank you with all my Heart to Lynda Metcalfe, Genius Artist Extraordinaire that not only creates incredible works of Environmental Sculpture both for indoor as well as outdoor everyday use and gorgeous metal jewelry; but also is a brilliant website artist/designer (and my fabulous neighbor!)

Thank you Forrest Oliphant, for letting me know it was possible for someone like me that has no experience in creating a website know it was possible; that you were willing to support me to get this public presentation on digital platform done; and for being another Brilliant Digital Genius web and software designer.

Thank you Always to my incredible Sweetheart-Partner, Mr. Wonderful, Charles B. Watson, for all the large and small things that you do to help me have time to do this work.  You are a walking talking example of Love-in-Action.  I love you!

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