Adjusting to the Change

As some of you may know, Life changed dramatically for me last year.

After approximately 15 years of assisting my parents during their Golden years, I bid them a, “Sweet Bon Voyage, “ as they both slipped gently into Spirit within 3 weeks of each other.  

Daddy transitioned in the morning of January 24th, 2018; and Mama followed  in the evening of February 15th.

I chose soon after their transition to come away from Social Media as well as most public life.

I really needed time to adjust to the change.  

They had been the center in which I made decisions about my every day life with heightened focus from 2009 to 2018.   

Suddenly I was in another dimension of living.  They were in Spirit and I was adjusting to them being there.

It would be a great untruth to tell you the Grief that accompanied the change in my life is totally gone now.  (Afterall, it’s been 14 months.)

Unfortunately, I still get caught by surprise and find myself yearning for their physical presence.  Easter week, Spring Gardening, carry some powerful moments for me.  

Yet even as I tell you that truth and feel the tears welling, I suddenly am embraced with their love, their presence, and I know they both are but a Heart-beat-thought away.

Often, just like now, a sign of their Loving Presence happens.  This morning it is the new flowers that I “happened upon” yesterday.  Little blue flowered annuals named “Bluebirds,” as well as the call of the Blue Jay as I write these words.  Both of these Birds are my folks’ “calling cards” to let me know they are near.  (Oh my! To top it off a phone call just arrived from their former home’s area code.)

So although I am still processing some grief, I am also Celebrating that they are Free…with the Angels, their family…and their Beloved Jesus Christ…who they both love very much.

Thank you to any and all who have supported, prayed, and loved me and my family this past year.

You are All Amazing and Wonderful People that I am So Very Grateful for on this Beautiful Day in Spring.

Many Blessings with Love,

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